Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer

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An all-natural enzymatic treatment to reduce cyanuric acid levels in pools.
Contains microorganisms and enzymes - product will not work if the instructions are not followed.

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Product Description

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is an all-natural blend of microorganism cultures and enzymes which safely reduce cyanuric acid/stabiliser/sunscreen levels in pools. The Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer uses a biological process to decompose cyanuric acid into carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas and leaves no harmful or unsightful residues, odours or side-affects.

This product is perfect for pools that are being chlorinated with stabilised chlorine. Long-term use of stabilised chlorine can result in cyanuric acid / stabiliser / sunscreen levels of more than 100ppm (100mg/L) which is the maximum recommended limit under Australian and other government standards. Above 100ppm (100mg/L) cyanuric acid can inhibit the bioacidal activity of chlorine.


Typically there will be a 55-95ppm reduction in the amount of cyanuric acid/stabiliser based on a single 226g dose of Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer. The entire contents of the bag must be used as the product cannot be re-used. The Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer has a natural feedback loop which will stop the product from working once the cyanuric acid/stabiliser reaches normal safe levels.


Significant algae or organic matter must be removed prior to treatment. All algaecides and sanitising products other than chlorine (eg. mineral systems) must not be used within 72 hours of treatment. Do not shock dose the pool with chlorine within 72 hours of use.

Before addition and during treatment, keep the pool water between the following parameters:

  • Chlorine 2-3ppm
  • pH 7.2-7.6
  • Total Alkalinity 80-120ppm
  • Ideal water temperature: 18°C to 41°C

Test the cyanuric acid level of the pool water prior to adding the product. Do not use any other products other than hydrochloric acid, chlorine, soda ash (pH Increaser) and baking soda (Alkalinity Increaser).


Pour the contents of the pouch directly into the skimmer box while the pump is running. Continue running the pump for the next four hours. Continue to run the pump for its usual running time thereafter. The Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer will take up to 10 days to reach maximum effect. Wait at least one week before using any algaecides, phosphate removers or clarifiers. Additional treatments may be required if the cyanuric acid level is high.


Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer contains microorganisms and must be stored in a cool dry place. The product will not be effective if stored incorrectly.

Technical Information

Country of Manufacture United States
Brand No
Chemical Type Pool
Chemical Category Balancer
Chemical Name Microbial Cultures / Enzymes
Dangerous Good No
Pack Size No