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AstralPool / Hurlcon Viron P320 eVo Pool Pump

AstralPool / Hurlcon Viron P320 eVo Pool Pump

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The AstralPool Viron P320 eVo energy efficient pool pump can save you up to $1200 a year, with a whisper quiet operation, and achieves an 8-star energy efficiency rating.  The Viron P320 eVo is a fully variable speed pump with three programmed speeds which are factory preset and will suit most pools and most applications.  Each speed however, is able to be adjusted with a simple press of an up or down button.  Operation is intuitive, with specific design input from the non IT generation to make the Viron eVo as user friendly as possible.

Fully customisable to suit your pool

The Viron P320 eVo can be optimised to suit your pool shape, cleaner type, size and location, making it one of the most flexible and easy to use variable speed pumps on the market. Suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, waterfalls, spa jets and in-floor cleaning systems are all easy to cater for with the Viron eVo Pump’s flexibility and programmability.  It can be installed in any sized pool, and is ideal in any pool up to 75,000 litres. The pump commences operation at priming speed (high speed) for a period which again can be varied (normally 5 minutes), then reverts to its pre-determined running speed (again fully variable).

Optional in-built timer

Need a high flow rate to run your in-floor cleaning, pool cleaner or waterfall? You can use the in-built timer to set different pump speeds for different times of day, allowing you to achieve maximum energy savings, whilst still achieving maximum functionality.

Do you know what it costs to run your existing pool pump?

If you have a 1 hp pump, it will cost over $750 per year to run the pump.  If you have a 1.5 hp pump, the running cost will be $1,175 a year.* Compared to conventional single speed pumps, the Viron P320 eVo pump will save between $600 and $1,200 every year in operating costs.  With an expected life of 7 years, that’s a saving of between $4,000 and $8,000.

Energy Savings

Most swimming pools are effectively filtered and sanitised with pump flow rates of up to 200 litres of water per minute.  In fact they will never require more than 300 litres per minute for tasks such as cleaning the filter or vacuuming the pool, and for these the Viron P320 eVo is ideal. Increasing or decreasing the speed of a pump simply changes the flow rate by the same rate.  However, the actual energy used to change the speed and flow rate varies dramatically.  Halving the speed of your pump will halve the flow rate, but the energy consumed drops by more than 85%.  See Savings Table at end.

Built for the tough Aussie climate

Your Viron P320 eVo Pump is a significant investment, and is Made in Australia to suit Australian conditions.  Each individual component is carefully designed and selected for maximum life span in our tough climate.  316 stainless steel hardware, robust engineering plastics and high quality silicone seals create a pump that lasts.  Even the motor and sophisticated electronics are carefully designed and manufactured to be easily serviced and repaired.  These are just some of the reasons this pump carries a 3 year in-field warranty.  No other pump manufacturer provides this sought of warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

The Viron P320 eVo pump is one of the most environmentally friendly pumps on the market.  It reduces energy consumption by up to 90% and effectively reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 90%, thus reducing your carbon footprint during operation.

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Country of Origin Australia
Brand AstralPool (Fluidra)
Related Part Numbers None
Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN) 11554
Manufacturer Not specified
Warranty 3 Years
Nominated Flow Rate (Lowest Speed Setting) Not specified
Voltage (V) Not specified
Phase Single
Full Load Amperage (A) Not specified
Input Watts - Max (W) Not specified
Input Watts - Min (W) Not specified
Max Output Power (Horsepower/Watts) Not specified
Energy Efficiency Rating Not specified
Speed Settings Not specified
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Controller No
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AstralPool / Hurlcon Viron P320 eVo Pool Pump

The AstralPool Viron P320 eVo is a fully variable speed pump with three programmed speeds and an 8-star energy efficiency rating.

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